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Difference Between Contextual Advertising and Behavioural Advertising
By LastName | February 22, 2024 Explainers
Difference between Contextual Advertising & Behavioral Advertising
With the cookie era coming to an end and contextual advertising getting into the track, the main and most repeated question is that what is the difference between contextual advertising and behavioral advertising? Now, that there is an understanding [...]
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Contextual Advertising in the Cookie-less Era
By LastName | February 21, 2024 Explainers
Contextual Advertising in the Cookie-less Era
Let’s face the reality that cookie era is gone. Consumers are calling for more control over their personal information on the internet, and Google is putting a stop to all behavioral targeting strategies. So, now what will happen to those marketers [...]
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By LastName | June 2, 2023 Uncategorized
Prepping Clients for The Cookieless Future
The digital marketing landscape is changing. With the imminent demise of third-party cookies due to increasing privacy concerns, businesses need to pivot their online strategies. Here’s a brief guide to help clients prepare: In summary, the coo [...]
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