We understand the True Context

In a world of evolving content, the only way to understand true context is to dive deep and analyze content at the page level.

Contextual Intelligence

Our cutting-edge technology has blended with advanced machine-learning algorithms and computer vision techniques to perform an in-depth analysis of content.

Extract Relations, Typed Dependencies between words and synonyms whether the content of a page is appropriate based not only on the terms on that page but also on the context in which they are used, ensuring there are no blind spots.

Tailored to individual advertiser’s specific brand needs, not just a generic understanding of content.

Brand Safety

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all model when comes to brand safety.

One size does not fit all

Just as each person is different, brands also espouse unique traits and nuances. Whether you take a no-risk approach or want more latitude as far as where you want your ads to appear, both types of brands can avoid risk while extending their reach using contextual intelligence. And with the breadth of custom brand safety solutions available with us, online advertising becomes progressively safer than ever before.

Content Quality

We process millions of content data points from the page to adequately understand the content quality and suitability that helps to make better ad communication decisions.

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